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How It Works

Once properly cleaned, zinc will adhere to steel using heat as a catalyst. Unlike any other surface coating, zinc will form a metallurgical bond to the steel, out performing any other mechanically bonded coating system in the market today.

Once coated, the zinc will corrode preferentially to the steel utilizing what is called "cathodic" or "galvanic protection". Bare metal up to ΒΌ" will also be protected by the bonded zinc immediately adjacent to the bare area under the same concept. Therefore, due to the strength of the metallurgical bond compared to other coating systems, plus its ability to withstand very aggressive handling, galvanized coatings continue to be unmatched to date.

Hot Dip Galvanizing vs. Paint

Hot dip galvanized steel is coated with zinc which is metalurgically bonded to the steel. Removal of the zinc coating can only be accomplished through substantial force. Unlike paint, zinc will not allow the environment to "creep" under the coating causing premature coating failure. Zinc bonds perpendicular to the steel surface causing an even layer throughout - even over sharp corners. In contrast, paint tends to recede from sharper areas effectively reducing the coating value in these regions.